Carter had said he wanted to buy mt another two seasons

Before the start of the season, Carter had said he wanted to play another two buy mt, and he will try to achieve this goal. “I started to say to myself, ‘I want to play for 15 years.'” I do not know what I thought at that buy mt, and then I hit for 15 years, and then I went on. I never thought to stop, but with this And there are a lot of players to remind me that I have said, I still want to say ‘call for another two years, and then I did it,’ “Carter said. Just this season, Carter averaged 8 points and 3.1 rebounds and 1.8 assists, he joked that his body feels better than he was 25 years old. “I can now play more than three rounds,” he said. About the whereabouts of the summer, Carter admitted that he would like to stay in the Grizzlies, which he played the last three years the buy mt. “I hear people have been saying ‘to pursue the championship’. ‘The pursuit of’ the word is too hard for me to accept,” Carter said, “I am here very well, my family is, we are building An exciting and powerful team, and I enjoy working with these guys every day. ”

After the opening of the two sides you come to me, the score alternately rise, Phevos hit a jumper, Ingles buy mt. Here small mt nba 2k17 layup to the color, the Hayward corner of the vote in the third, the jazz to 16-10 lead. Clippers do not show weakness, Paul scored 7 points, the score closer to 20-22. Phevos steady jumper, this side of the small brother and Paul connection to get 2 nba 17 coins, Felton followed the horse buy mt joint raid racing succeeded, the first section kicked off, the Clippers to 24-24 and Jazz equally.

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