Cartier mechanical watch as a top watch can not be ignored in the use of the process also inevitably more or less some of the problems

Cartier mechanical watch as a top watch can not be ignored in the use of the process also inevitably more or less some of the problems, such as travel time are not allowed to steal. Watch the speed of a direct impact on our life schedule, can not be ignored. So, Cartier love bracelet replica mechanical watch is not allowed to go for what reason? Serious Hengda watches repair center professional technicians will analyze your Cartier mechanical watch travel time are not allowed to fault:

Under normal circumstances, the watch does not allow the situation can be adjusted by adjusting the speed needle to correct, said the watch is not allowed for the use of slow needle can not be amended, the need for a watch the following way to check:

Careful care of your watch

  1. Whether the pressure of the second wheel is too small. The pressure on the second round of the pressure of the spring pressure will cause a small second hand when the normal clockwise, and hour hand, minute hand does not understand or obviously slow.
  2. Whether the needle is loose or not. Pendulum bearing screws do not press the coil pad and the speed needle, making the speed needle loose. In this way, the speed of the needle with the contemplation of rotation and rotation, hairspring work length changes, resulting in differences in daily changes.
  3. Whether the speed needle is deformed. Speed ​​needle to play to deformation, will cause the gossamer frame, and even micro-wiping wheel.
  4. Whether the hairspring is round. Gossamer will make the wandering touch, gossamer is not round will make the circle and circle collision, which are caused by the length of the work of hairspring changes, travel time are not allowed. First check the gossamer in the free state is flat, if not flat, should be flat before the installation of silk; if flat, may be inside the pile and the outer piles are no longer on the same plane, or the outer edge of the gossamer is sold Tilted, deformed.
  5. Whether the swim hanging wire or gossamer. The number of shocks outside the number of hooks outside the second ring hanging fast folder, or gossamer stretching process hanging in the speed of the folder on the oil, or oil droplets sticky to the hairspring caused by gossamer ring adhesion, the clock suddenly obviously go fast.

Tips: The above is the Cartier love ring replica maintenance – precision Hengda watches repair center of the professional technicians to explain to us about the time to watch the situation is not allowed. After you read, hope to help you. If you have any questions do not understand or what happens to your watch

Careful care of your watch

You can go to our official website to consult, you can also call the free consultation telephone to consult, our professional technicians will be detailed for you to answer. I wish you a happy life. If your Cartier mechanical watch is not allowed to travel time, it is recommended that you contact the online technician, just ask your doubts Technician will use the professional industry in the industry. Experience to answer your doubts.

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