Participants can cheap mut coins participate through

Participants can participate through “Sign-up” short video platform cheap mut coins channel. After all the entries have been examined and approved by the Organizing Committee, they will be broadcast cheap mut coins voted on the short video platform of “Kanban”, Shenzhen News Network and one Shenzhen client, nhl hut coins judged by the jury composed of industry experts. Awards. cheap mut coins competition set a gold medal, silver 2, bronze 3, excellent 10, in addition, there are the best film award, the best creative award, the most beautiful instant award, the cheap mut coins beautiful perspective award four special awards waiting for users to extract , A cheap mut 18 coins of 80,000 yuan prize money. In addition, the launching ceremony of the cheap mut coins also held the first phase of the Shenzhen government new media Xiaoban Salon training activities,

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