Rushu at home held the spectators of the Raptors Bucks watch the party

Local time on Tuesday, Rushu at home held the spectators of the – Bucks watch the party, invited to come to his coaching staff and a number of teams, because the knight next round of opponents will be the Raptors – winner of the Bucks series. Last season, the Cavaliers have held similar activities. It is reported that someone in the party process asked Tyler – Lu whether you can look at the Cleveland Browns (local football cheap mt points) draft live, Lu refused him: “This is the basketball season, the playoff time, can not. April 27, ESPN news, in a recent, Knight coach Taylor – Lu said he did not worry about LeBron – James played too much time, but that other teams should let the star star played longer time.

“People are always concerned about LeBron’s playing time, but we do not think it’s a problem.” Tyler Lu said, “We ended up in nba mt points first round and got more rest time than the rest of the team. It ‘s better to play a few times than playing a few games. In sweeping the first round of the series, James averaged 32.8 points 9.8 rebounds and 9.0 assists and 3.0 steals 2.0, shooting 54.3%, dominance is still amazing. But his playing time reached 43.8 minutes, than he during the regular nba 2k17 mt buy led the league averaged 37.8 minutes but also a lot higher.

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