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countries of origin with the assistance they need to prevent the refugees from entering fifa 18 coins ps4 country. When a wave of refugees inevitably emerges, the EU should take all measures, fifa 18 coins ps4 military means, to help establish a safe buffer zone in the countries and regions neighboring the countries of origin of the refugees. On the 18th of this month, Kurtz fifa 18 coins ps4 Austria’s prime minister. Kurtz was Austria’s foreign madden 18 coins since September 2013, during which time he has always opposed the policy of tolerant acceptance of refugees led fifa 18 coins ps4 German Chancellor Merkel. Opposition to illegal immigration and hut coins to the European Union’s mandatory apportionment of refugees also helped Kurz fifa 18 coins ps4 the Austrian National

This sword is Nicholas Napoleon made for the order

The exhibition was officially opened to the public on April 11, 2017 and was scheduled to end on July 2, 2017 for a period of three months. This exhibition is not a separate ticket, the audience holding the National Palace Museum tickets can be free to visit. Welcome to participate in microblogging topic # Sino-French treasures art exhibition #, published the most impressive exhibits pictures, share the feelings and understanding of the exhibition.

Chaumet founder of the oldest works. The miniature painting on the cover of the Tibetan box shows that the work is used to commemorate the Marquis of LawOestine. The origins of the family of CHAUMET can be traced back to the Queen Mary of the Palace of Versailles.

The sword of the consul, also known as “the sword of Napoleon I”

Marie-Etienne Nitot, Nicolas-Noël Boutet, and the goldsmith Jean-Barthes-Claude Odiot (Cartier love bracelet replica), 1802 years

This sword is Nicholas Napoleon made for the order, this is the first time it left France to participate in the exhibition. Napoleon requires the use of bright dazzling French crown jewelery, especially the magnificent “regent” diamonds, this weight of 140 karats of legendary diamonds are currently preserved in the Louvre. December 2, 1804, Napoleon is wearing the sword in Paris, Notre Dame held a coronation ceremony.

This set of jewelery sets is displayed on the Crown Diamond List, a gift from Napoleon I to Queen Mary – Louise. Symbols of the Greek and Roman temples and the ruins of the micro-mosaic through the craftsmanship of the golden grape leaves and vines are linked together – during the first empire this shape is very rare, ostens the romantic rise of quietly.

Josephine’s queen’s niece, Stéphanie de imitation Cartier love bracelet Beauharnais, was adopted by Napoleon in 1806, and Napoleon decided to give her daughter to Grand Duc Charles II de Bade. To celebrate the wedding, the emperor gave her two sets of elegant and beautiful diamond emerald jewelry.

CHAUMET from Josephine Queen’s beloved wheat to draw inspiration, in different times to create a different style of wheat image. As a sign of the harvest goddess of the gods, the wheat symbolizes fertile soil and affluent properties. In 1811, Nido for the Queen Mary – Louise created 150 jewelry, which is one of them. It filled the Marie – Louise Queen Crown jewelry collection diamond jewelry sets of vacancies. Its bold rhythms show the creative modern design of the Empire.

The seventh generation of Duke of Bedford Francis Russell (Francis Russell) for his wife Anna – Maria (Anna-Maria) ordered this crown, CHAUMET retained the original design. The coronation reproduces the naturalistic style of Ferguson through the realistic reproduction of the vibrant natural scene. Wild rose and jasmine foliage, flowers, fruit Lili, as if with a flower braided corolla, mosaic also covered with crystal clear diamond dew. More icing on the cake is that the flowers with a mini spring spring, will make the flowers with the beauty of the movement and trembling, as if swaying in the wind, add a natural style.

“Bourbon Parma” crown decorated with Admiralty shape, is Hedwig de la Roche Fuke (Cartier love ring replica) and Austria Empress Zita (Empress Zita of Austria) brothers, Bourbon dynasty Six princes of the wedding gift. Using CHAUMET family unique skills, in the secret pear-shaped bracket cleverly embedded in a number of diamonds, make it seamless, as if the whole pear-shaped diamond diamonds, to create a “visual trap” unique effect.

This semi-circular headdress is a head and face, which is worn on the top of a headdress called “Seiko”. Honeydew and butterfly shape implies a prosperous family life. The whole lining is decorated with brightly colored Kingfisher feathers.

Clouds above the background, the performance of Shuanglong play beads pattern. This large hairpin to paint and detail depicts a jubilant game scene: pearl decorative flame from the dragon mouth in the central formation of a fireball.