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BMW M3 Touring E46 created yet

For BMW was the only station wagon M3 E46 and the sale but never received. The person with it reconciled and nearly perfect piece of their own.

BMW M Division and the estate together are not as far as it seems at first glance. The existence of two generations of M5 Touring E34 and E61 will know which one that was even thinking M5 Touring E39 already know so much. Is not widely known that BMW also thought be about E46 M3 Touring, and even though not built nor sedan. E46 station wagon, however, there is only one prototype, which stands in a secret garage among other ideas, as they have not come into production. If someone of such car was the BMW interest Munich’s answer was clear: “Nein.”
However, a broad fan base, some of whose members stuffing V12 in the BMW 3 Series Compact, and others are saving E30 M3 forgotten in the woods, she would not let the idea M3 E46 Touring sleep. Such cars have produced quite a lot, but most of them just replace the engine and axle, and the rest will remain untouched performance car parts. The car is certainly interesting and so for real M3 Touring but can not speak.

Building, which to this truly comprehensive photoset we can see today, is doing quite differently. Originated in Britain, the fact is that the result has the steering wheel on the left, and the combination of E46 M3 CS SMG gearbox with right-hand drive and the 320i Touring the left. The owner of the car is in fact Nor, he said rebuilding had to do in the UK for tax reasons, simply put, because of the price. He went on because of how utterly no one else, at least as far as we know a company that stands for reconstruction had no other purpose than to make the car as good as if it produced its own BMW.

Into the station wagon and in this case went all – really everything, including all electronic systems, the M-Track and all the cables, which is in the Troika E46 over eight kilometers. And sometimes it was not easy, to say the least.

Move a motor from one row to another 3 big of a problem adjustable coilovers. The axles had it a bit worse because some parts are a bit different and those of the coupe can not just be mounted on the station wagon, so you need to adjust or leave newly manufactured. Another necessary change was the installation SMG gearbox into the station wagon, which was originally manual.

Or modifications to the body have not been easy, except for the fenders of the M3 had to be adjusted a lot of little things that did not fit as they should, and a few bigger things – eg. Had to be welded in the floor of the trunk of M3, because under the version of the Touring fit muffler M3 . The interior was a little easier, though moved here dashboard of M3, including the instrument panel, steering wheel and seats.

But the toughest electronics. First with weaker natures can make sick from the tangle of cables that had to be pulled from the M3 turbo suppliers uk and install a station wagon, but that’s not all. Just a few days before the performance finished when the car was driving test revealed that the ABS control unit and DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) station wagon is compatible with the engine control unit M3. That meant again completely dismantle the interior and replace the original unit for the stabilization of the M3.

The fastest BMW’s history: mention of Tesla Model Y

In late summer, the famous automobile exhibition Concours d’Elegance, which is held annually in the village of California Pebble Beach, has been presented the concept of BMW M4 GTS. From the standard of the “quartet” he differed little visual focus as well as the presence of water injection. Even then it was clear that not far off the appearance of the same name and the serial car. Now he is officially presented.
Since the presentation of the BMW M4 less than two years. It is during this period can fundamentally modify the filling sports coupe? Especially under the hood of the new three-liter M4 appeared turbo performance parts, issuing 431 horsepower. However, the water injection system really will significantly raise returns. Naturally, the liquid itself is not used as a fuel: the contact with the water in the inlet manifold decreases the temperature of the fuel-air mixture, which reduces the risk of detonation. This allows you to raise the pressure of the turbocharger, and squeeze out the same engine a little more power. In the case of BMW M4 GTS output has been increased to 500 horsepower and 600 Nm. Transmission remained the same: it’s seven-step robot M DCT dual-clutch. Due to increase in power and torque acceleration time from 0 to 100 km / h was reduced from 4.1 to 3.8 seconds. The maximum speed is limited to 305 km / h.
According to BMW, upon arrival at the race track five-liter water tank will be emptied in the middle with the same intensity as the fuel tank. But when measured driving Air Suspension on the highway with the liquid container can be filled to about five times less common.
Of course, improving the BMW M4 GTS are not limited to only one power unit. Some of metamorphoses visible to the naked eye. New feature a more aggressive aerodynamic body kit with a new hood. The height of the installation of the front splitter and rear wing can be adjusted. In addition, these elements are made of lightweight and durable carbon. He is the basis of the tailgate, seats, instrument panel and other parts. But exhaust system made of titanium. All this has reduced the weight of the BMW M4 GTS with respect to the standard M4 by about 80 kg.
The new special model has received modified suspension Air Suspension Bag, which can be reconfigured before each “battle” races. Bavarian engineers have also conjured over the electromechanical power steering, Active M differential and electronic active safety systems. At the wheel put on tires Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 different dimensions: 265/35 R19 front and 285/30 R20 rear. Also honored with a coupe carbon-ceramic brakes.