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When the pointer points to zero, Panthère de Cartier cheetah watch and Ma Si-chun in the city of angels 24 hours into the end, but Ma Si pure discovery of a new self-exciting journey has just begun. As a representative of the modern women in the jungle of the city, Ma Si Chun will show a micro-film with Cartier – “Leopard Magi”, showing the other side of her unknown. June 9, please look forward to.



110,642), Los Angeles co., S Calif., suburb 30 mi (48 km) NW of downtown Los Angeles, on the Santa Clara River; inc. 1987. Situated in the Santa Clara valley and nearby canyons, Santa Clarita includes the former towns of Canyon Country, At first, it seemed perceptions ran skin deep during a recent city Planning city planning, process of planning for the improvement of urban centers in order to provide healthy and safe living conditions, efficient transport and communication, adequate public facilities, and aesthetic surroundings. Commission meeting.

beau projects, sat across from dozens of tattooed constituents, eager to erase the line drawn between them and the nonmarked.

And in between them, there was agenda item No. 1: Request to operate a tattoo salon and art gallery within an existing shopping center shopping center, a concentration of retail, service, and entertainment enterprises designed to serve the surrounding region. The modern shopping center differs from its antecedents and marketplaces that the shops are usually amalgamated into in Newhall, from applicants Robert Atkinson and Danielle Oberosler.

One by one, members of the crowd spoke in support. There was the man who got his first tattoo when he was 60, by Atkinson. He got his second one at 65. There was the woman whose arms had burned so badly in a car accident years ago, she opted for a sleeve of ink art created by Oberosler, instead of painful and costly reconstructive surgery reconstructive surgeryn surgery to rebuild a structure for functional or esthetic reasons. . This way, she said, instead of people staring at her scars, they’ll be staring at art.

But it was local resident John Johnson John Johnson may refer to:

Artists and entertainers John Johnson (composer) (c. 1550 1594), English lutenist composer John Johnson (reporter), American television reporter and anchor J. who cleared the air directly.

Not all of us have to be incarcerated incarcerated // (in kahrser at?ed) imprisoned; constricted; subjected to incarceration.

Confined or trapped, as a hernia. or alcoholics or bikers,” he said politely at the podium. We just have a different view of art.”

More than 300 signatures had been collected on a petition in support of the salon, with few in opposition. And after a lengthy discussion about whether downtown Newhall could support the proposed Tattoo Room and Gallery, the planning commissioners seemed to come to some consensus: an upscale salon such as the one Atkinson and Oberosler proposed could be a fun, quirky addition that’s just what the town needs.

Though nothing was permanent yet, the commission unanimously agreed to bring the issue back, pending an examination of additional conditions of approval and appeals from residents.

Tim Crissman, a local Realtor and developer representing Atkinson and Oberosler, said the commission showed the ability to listen to the issue from a purely business perspective, rather than drawing conclusions based on perceptions.

I think for the first time in the history of the city, we’ve got what I regard as the most business minded planning commission Noun 1. planning commission a commission delegated to propose plans for future activities and developments

commission, committee a special group delegated to consider some matter; “a committee is a group that keeps minutes and loses hours” Milton Berle that recognizes their role,” he said. They see through the smoke screens clearly and fundamentally understand what their job is. They were much more democratic in recognizing that these two individuals are artists.”

According to according to1.

2. In keeping with: according to instructions.

3. the National Tattoo Association, formed in 1976, body art has become widely accepted in the mainstream today, compared to just 20 years ago. But the negative perception of tattoos was tapped into last month when the Santa Clarita Redevelopment Committee rejected plans for the proposed upscale salon and gallery inside a shopping strip on industrial San Fernando Road San Fernando Road is a major street in the city and county of Los Angeles. It starts off in Castaic as The Old Road, passing through Santa Clarita and the Newhall Pass, where upon its intersection with Sierra Highway near the junction of the Golden State (I 5) and the , a mile from the heart of an area tagged for revitalization.

The committee, strictly an advisory body, voted 9 5 to recommend that the city’s Planning Commission, and if necessary, the Santa Clarita City Council, reject the permit for the business. Committee members said the business is inconsistent with their vision of downtown, which they see as an arts district This is an article about the Arts District in Oklahoma City. For the district called Artists’ Quarter, see Arad, Israel. For the “Arts District” in Dallas, Texas, see Arts District, Dallas



To mark or engrave (a surface) with words or letters.

If these former gang members live in Santa Clarita Santa Clarita, city (1990 pop. 110,642), Los Angeles co., S Calif., suburb 30 mi (48 km) NW of downtown Los Angeles, on the Santa Clara River; inc. 1987. Situated in the Santa Clara valley and nearby canyons, Santa Clarita includes the former towns of Canyon Country, , they have a solution.

The city is offering a tattoo removal service to residents willing to trade community service hours and classroom instruction for the free laser treatment.

We don’t do it if it’s not prohibiting someone from employment,” said Dianna Boone, community services supervisor for the city. A rose tattooed For the Wildstorm Comics character, see Rose Tattoo (Wildstorm). For the Tennessee Williams play, see The Rose Tattoo. For the game, see The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes

Rose Tattoo is an Australian blues/hard rock band, led by Angry Anderson. on an arm, for example, wouldn’t qualify. To put clothes on; dress.

2. To provide clothes for.

3. To cover as if with clothing. .”

In the three years since the program began, 12 to 15 people have received the free service, said Boone.

The participants have volunteered about 16 hours each, removing graffiti or doing other cleanup jobs around town, said Boone. They also have taken parenting classes, worked toward passing the high school equivalency equivalency

the combining power of an electrolyte. See also equivalent. exam or taken vocational classes in exchange for the tattoo removal, she said.

The program is ideal for residents who are dedicated to making life changes, said Boone. And the community service helps scare off Verb 1. scare off cause to lose courage; “dashed by the refusal”

daunt, frighten away, frighten off, scare away, pall, scare, dash

intimidate, restrain to compel or deter by or as if by threats the not so serious tattooed people who are unwilling to invest their time, she said.

We had one participant who had a tattoo removed who said he felt stripped of his identification,” said Boone. The education is to put in positives for taking away the identity. Plus, people always feel better when they give something to get something in return.”

The classes also help the city get a return on its investment, said Boone. Though Dr. Bernard Raskin volunteers his time in removing tattoos, the city still must pay a laser leasing fee of $100 per session, said Boone. And complete removal usually requires two or three treatments.

Adding a reformed, employed resident to Santa Clarita makes the investment worth it, said Boone.

Boone gave the example of one recipient who decided to have a gang tattoo removed because he had a child and wanted to support his family. But his tattoo was keeping him from getting hired.

When he got the tattoo removed, he got a job almost immediately,” said Boone. It intimidated people. It put up a wall between (him and) the people who would have employed him.”