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important department directly under the CPC Central Committee

August 23,albion online silver the Central Party School Home headlines updated a new article Tera Gold “Summer Campus different kind of beauty,” a beginning of the article,rs Gold wrote: “Summer study from the field back into the familiar campus, there is a brand new feeling The original big street outside the school on the school name of the monument, now move on the inside of the gate, in holly green contrast with each other against the background of the tall main building, natural and dignified. ”
The paper also accompanied by a school name of the monument into the new school photo inside.

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“School name of the monument,” was the front displacement

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“School name of the monument” GW2 Gold after the move to the campus
This is considered to be two days before the “Central Party School name of the monument is removed,” “indirect” official response message.
Informed sources in response to the “school name monument move”
August 21, there are a number of media reports, the Central Party School in front of the title of “the Central Party School,” the boulder had been removed, were at the scene of large construction machinery construction, several workers in the finishing bare ground.
“Political thing” (Micro-letter ID: gcxxjgzh) contrast image found, after the name of the monument at the Central Party school south entrance, about 150 meters from the gate of the distance.
Now, the monument is located in front of the main building on campus gray. Why this move? What are the considerations? In this regard, the relevant staff of the Central Party security office today for “political thing” (Micro-letter ID: gcxxjgzh) said Norway local stone, just work, nothing special intention. Choose this time to move, it is because schools are holidays, students are not, relatively few people.
The staff member also said that the school where the monument has been moved away, there is no plan for new uses, is to use the lawn as a whole.
“The word is still, not hearsay, you hear the wind is the rain.” Tibia Gold The staff of the “political thing” said.
Another insider said that Norway local stone, is a normal construction planning needs, outside the stone was moved away place, would be another plan.
Central Party School “School name of the monument” and “motto monument”
According to the official website of the Central Party School, the Central Party School is a high-rotation training of mid-level party cadres and cadres of the Marxist theory of the highest institution, is an important department directly under the CPC Central Committee, is the study, research, advocacy of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought and socialism with Chinese characteristics Important positions and cadres to strengthen the party system theory exercise furnace, is the party’s philosophy and social science research institutions.
“Political thing” (Micro-letter ID: gcxxjgzh) Now the director of the Central Party School sponsored “Study Times,” the article reports, the school is a monument inscribed with the name of Jiang Zemin wrote the “CPC Central Committee Party School,” school name lying granite monument. Fangshan selected this monument is 8 meters long and weighs 36 tons. School name monument solemn, generous, stable, simple, is a symbol of status and image of the party’s highest institution.
In addition to the name of the monument outside the school, within the Central Party School, as well as a piece of “seeking truth from facts” inscription monument, is pictured SCHOOL famous resort. “Study Times” article said, “after entering the campus from King hole main arcade under the east-west road north, stands the white marble motto monument.” Motto monument inscribed with Mao Zedong in 1943 the Central Party School, wrote the motto “realistic” back engraved with Mao Zedong handwriting “Serve the People”, which is the school of this Party School.

Injuries force Fut 15 coins Colback

Uncapped fifa 15 coins Newcastle United midfielder Jack Colback will miss England’s opening UEFA EURO 2016 qualifier against Switzerland due to injury, manager Roy Hodgson revealed on Wednesday. Colback, 24, sat out England’s 1-0 friendly win over Norway at Wembley Stadium with a knock and Hodgson said afterwards that he had been sent back to his club to receive treatment.

“Jack Colback has had to leave us. He took a very nasty kick on the back of the calf,” Hodgson told his post-game press conference. We were hoping he would train with us, but he can’t do that, so it’s better to send him back to Newcastle.”

Back-up goalkeeper Ben Foster has also withdrawn from the squad for Monday’s game in Basel after injuring his thumb in training.