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Darkscape: The Invasion of Falador

The Black Knights of the Kinshra have launched an all-out assault on their rivals, the White Knights of Falador.

For two weeks, the two orders of warriors will go head-to-head in the streets of Falador. Pitch in, pick up some unique rewards, and bask in the glory of the city’s graphical rework. There’s also increased loot from the Giant Mole, and greater XP and respect gains from Artisans’ Workshop.

Read on to find out more!

When you arrive in Falador, you’ll find it in turmoil: clashing knights Darkscape gold, duelling champions, mighty war machines, wounded soldiers…and the occasionalballoon drop from Party Pete, who wishes everyone could just get along.

The invasion will last for two weeks, and during that time you can get involved in a number of Darkscape gold ways. Note that there is no requirement to pick a side: you can help or buy Darkscape gold hinder whomever you choose, at any time. We’ll announce the winning side once the two weeks are up.

To start, simply visit Falador and get stuck in. You can perform any of the following activities and earn XP:

Fight White Knights, Black Knights or duelling champions | Combat XP

Sabotage catapults | Construction/Woodcutting XP

Heal injured soldiers | Herblore/Constitution XP

Performing any of these actions – or popping balloons – yields Falador commendations. These stackable units of currency can be converted – by the hundred – into supply caches, which yield XP lamps, resource bundles, and sometimes unique rewards – including fragments of a cosmetic banner (displayed in the wing slot), bobblehead pets and more.

Other Attractions

While engaged in activities in the city, you’ll inevitably pick up some lost research notes, which are the first step on a lore-rich miniquest around the city.

Also, a couple of the city’s mainstay attractions are more rewarding for the event’s duration:

Defeating the Giant Mole gives double drops (separate rolls)

Artisans’ Workshop gives double respect and XP

Graphical Rework

The White Knights – and the city of Falador itself – have been graphically overhauled, bringing them in line with the rest of the game’s level of polish and art style. Be sure to explore the city – before and after the event – and take in the sights.


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