this figure will be 8,24 as a symbol of Kobe career

this figure will be 8,24 together as a nba mt coin of Kobe career. Bryant’s 20 years of career glory countless: 5 championships, 15 playoffs and numerous personal awards. But in the eyes of many people, 10 nba2kmt ago and the nba mt coin of this regular season is the master of the great master. January 22, 2006, Bryant in the Lakers 122-104 victory over the Raptors in the game alone scored 81 points, only 1962 Wilt – Chamberlain in the Philadelphia Warriors got 100 points nba2kmt than him.

Even in their 20th season, 81 points still appear extraordinary significance. November to the fans of the retirement letter, Bryant is to choose their own 81 points after the end of the photo, his right hand index nba2kmt nba mt coin to the sky. And the “Channelthe Villain / Unleash the Hero” tribute video, the opening shot is his free throw to get the first 81 nba2kmt. It is such an ambitious, Bryant was shot in NBA history, one of the greatest personal show. This is Bryant 81 points behind the scenes, including a number of parties oral.

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